What Is SEO

What Is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. It works to optimize organic traffic or unpaid traffic to your website from the search engine result page. SEO helps in making changes to the content and website design to make your website look more attractive in search engine.

The search engine provides the best results to its users by scanning certain keywords on many different websites in order to achieve the best possible website and most relevant results.


How SEO Works For Businesses In 2019?

There are many advantages and various benefits of SEO. Which are really very helpful for the growth of your business in 2019. By optimizing it properly you can easily rank the visibility of your website on the search engine.

Which increases the reach of customers and also convert them into your potential customers. This engagement and targeting organic traffic can be done by creating effective and focused content.


Factors Of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs):

Let’s have a look at some of the factors which have their impacts on Search-Engine Results Page SERP ranking.

  1. Content Marketing:

Quality content makes a good connection between you and your website visitor. The secret of creating optimized content is to use different writing methods. Which are on the desirable topic with the blend of most unique information and relevant approach.

Some contents that improve the ranking are as follow:

  1. Blog Post
  2. Articles
  3. Social Media Content Whitepapers
  4. E-books
  5. Tutorials
  6. Video Recording
  7. Audio Recording
  8. Visual Content
  9. Infographics

Useful keywords and proper phrases are also one of the important factors which should be in the mind of content writer. You can constantly work on refreshing and updates the content by rewriting, or adding some new information over time.

Once you successes the trust of Your fans and followers then your organization can build their attention on different platforms and engage them with new leads.

  1. On-Page SEO:

On-page SEO is a process which is done on the website, where you have all the complete control to improve all factors by practicing SEO in a perfect manner. This process works on content marketing as well as on the deeper level of your website such as HTML.

In addition, you should make sure to focus on one of two keywords in content just to make your content relevant and specific.

Working on more than two keywords in content can create a mess and impact negatively on your search engine optimization. The website design must be easy to scan in the search engine or easy to crawl on the content of the page.

When it comes to the architecture of your site, you should concern on making the site mobile-friendly.

A large number of people are using a mobile device to view sites, reading and also navigate your website. The mobile-friendly structure will not only impact your user experience but will also improve your SEO.

  1. Off-Page SEO:

You cannot directly work on off-page factors but can improve the chance that gets in your favor to achieve you are desired high ranking results. But Creating Quality content which is more relevant and has new interesting valuable information is the main factors of work on the off page.

It will help you to engage the number of peoples to your content and make them share it with their friends too. The people trust your content, the more search engine will rank it higher.

  1. White Hat, Black Hat, And Grey Hat:

SEO works on three different approaches to optimize your website which is a black hat, white hat, and grey hat SEO. Some companies have only interest in doing SEO to rank their content.  And start earning money is a short period of time. The black hat works and focuses on optimizing the content only for the search engine. They don’t consider human visitors.

But basically, these organizations are breaking the rules of search engine just rank high by the quick buck. This SEO produces spam page which is difficult to read.

These sites usually end up with penalized or banned on the search engine. On the other hand, white hat SEO works on the effective and sustainable approach of optimizing the website in the search engine in order to build an online business.

This approach works on search engine by involving the focus of the human audience, who clicks on or read the site content. This type of SEO produces the best content which is easy to read, understand and follows the rules of search engine optimization. But grey hat SEO is a mixture or flavor of two types that are Black and White. Which makes the grey hat SEO.

There is 50 chance of penalizing the website by the search engine as people use this tactic for a short period in order to rank at SERP



After reading this article you can easily work accordingly to achieve the best results for your SERP ranking. And just keep in mind that your positive result will come overnight.

So you have to work hard to grow your organic site traffic. If you are not satisfied with your SEO ranking we are here to help you in any case.  For further information, you may visit our website Digitalopment.com.

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