What Is React JS ? Best Tips Of React For Beginners

What Is React

What Is React, figure out to create user plug-in. Even it only bothers the front-end. It makes an attachment to the user that builds easily dividing the page into different pieces.

These pieces are called Components. But Every division that is discussed above is expressed as a component. Although It is a JavaScript that builds user interfaces.

It is a lay of views for web applications. While components are used at the center of all react applications. But the entire component has modules in itself that provides some certain outputs. Interface elements can be.

What Is React Component?

React Components are part of the code which is used to assume the role of the pieces of the page. And every component work on JavaScript function, each piece of code is used to represent the pieces of that web page.

To create a web page, these functions are done assertively. So they collect the result and show it on the screen to the users. Interface elements are used as an input field or button. These are components are self-possessed.

A component can use one or more than one component in given the output. Even though to create react apps, we use react components which corrupted to other interface elements. But after organizing these components with other high-level components, the defined structure of an application is built.

For instance, have a look at a form. Also, it is consists of various interface elements in it such as labels, input field or buttons. Every element that in the form can use as react components.

Higher-level of the component are created by form component automatically. But the form components determine the basic structure and involve every interface element into it.

Additionally, every component that is used in React apps stands for strict data management principles. Even Complicated, associated are usually committed to application state and complex data.

The surface area of React helps us to fix and draw a line, but which tool can prepare an application in given circumstances.

How Does This Component Work?

Class components provide storage of information that is used in current situations. While this information is called state, which is stored in JavaScript Object.

As you know that react is a framework of JavaScript. So work on this framework is as similar as working on JavaScript File in HTML. For example, Digitalopment is a sample of react website, let see how simple it can be:




  <meta charset=”utf-8”>


  <!—Script Tags Including React –>

  <script src=http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/react/15.3.1/react.min.js”></script>

  <script src=http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/react/15.3.1/react-dom.min.js”></script>

  <script src=http://unpkg.com/babel-standalone@6/babel.min.js”></script >



  <div id=”app”></div>

  <script type=”text/babel”>









Somehow, it looks complicated but JavaScript is just a line that determined to add Digitalopment to the web page. We need a few JavaScript files to get work properly.

React do not directly operate Document Object Model (DOM), But it works on Virtual DOM. It is a process of manipulating the documents which are in the browser, even after making changes in the data that works slowly, it replaces the changes in DOM built and executed in the memory.

Once the virtual DOM is completely changed and updated, react take a decision and call the shots intelligently about the changes that took place and replace them in the actual browser’s DOM.

Virtual DOM is in-memory which represents the web browser’s DOM. However, this means when it components are used, as well as they are not written directly on the DOM, in fact, they are working on virtual DOM that will go through a process by REACT and then finally will appear on DOM.


Congratulation! Now you can make react thing on a web page. So check out the next articles for more exciting topics and collect information about the digital world or grab the information about increasing the growth of your business.

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