What Is Brand Identity

What Is Brand Identity? – One Of The Best Way To Develop Professional Brand Identity.

The Identity Of A Brand And Its Element:

A set of elements or tools are used to make an identity of a Brand and create a perfect identity image over the world. Brand images help to memories it’s Brand Identity according to the companies mission, long-term goals, branding values proposition, relevance of the values of the targeted audience, competitive position in the market and other factors.

All these factors are built in the foundation of the branding process that how a company does wish to communicate its customer. However, brand identity is to define the functional elements of communication which include:

Follow The Steps How To Build A Strategy  By Implementing These Elements 

  • An attractive Brand Name.
  • A tagline, which compliments your brand.
  • Use of Graphics styles and Colors.
  • A logo with wordmark and its variations.
  • A tone or a voice.
  • A typeface or a style.

Now Discuss Step By Step:

These elements can be used in the different set of groups, there is much other option which can be included in this list and the order of these elements are according to achieve a specific brand element.

These differences can be defined by the discussion of brand identity context and the perspective.

Let me explain briefly, companies who already have an existing and wants to develop its brand identity, the designer will emphasize his focus on its visual part rather than changing the brand name and changing the taglines to show his creativity.

On the other side! A designer who is working on brand identity elements for a new company expands his span emphasizing on a brand name, taglines, logo designing, and many other elements.

Every component which is related to a service, product, company, or a personality is known as its “brand identity”, it’s a separate category of brand images. Some of these items are created to appeal are logo designing, taglines, brochures, typeface, visiting cards, tones, websites, business cards, Magazines, banner designing and many more.

Let’s have a look on some of them briefly.

1: Logo Designing:

Brand Identity Logo Design

The designer should work hard to achieve the aim of the company, designing a logo is the most important part. There are some key points for an exceptional result.

  • The communication should be clear about who are you and what are the values of your brands.
  • In the span of 6 months your logo should have its own style when it should be trendy or classy.
  • The logo should be simple, uncluttered, clean and visually appealing because it is going to stay for a long way.
  • Play with your industries standard, if not then do it so deliberately.
  • The impression of your logo designing should have a long-lasting effect on the audiences.

And at the last but not the least, your logo should have multiple formats like one in the white/black version and other in different color combinations version, or in multiple color version, just to make sure which one is more appealing and does it reaches the line of your brand identity.

2: Visiting Cards Or Business Card:

Brand Identity Visiting Card Design

If a company is doing a developing its business, they should have a stock of visiting business cards. A well-designed visiting card can reinforce your potential customer or clients every time they view it.

Business card designing is as simple as it could be, your company name and logo should be on 1 side on the card and other personal key details on another side, your recent using contact number should be mentioned.

3: Website Design:

Brand Identity Website Design

Your website plays an important role in your brand identity. Especially when it comes to digital products or online business, your client will love to visit your website for regarding information, before deciding to buy your product or even work with you. Here your website will have all the force about your company’s image, and brand identity.

4: Banner Designing:

Brand Identity Brochure Design

Brand Identity Banner Design

The banner is one of the main sources which is based for marketing and helps in separating your brand identity, provides a great platform to showcase your product or service to the world. It is a rectangular frame of advertisement that appears on every website.

Do you know there is lots of banner design are available in the market but you don’t know their actual purpose?

5: Magazine Designing:

Brand Identity Magazine Design

Magazine Designers are determined in their career path which fit their skills, career ambitions, interests, personality traits. If you have the following descriptions then you are probably the one who will go have this field:

    • Area delegate to work for others.
    • Can prioritize tasks and schedule them, and you can explain in the best way.
    • You’re skilled in graphic designing & software like Photoshop and Adobe In-design.
    • Enjoy technical work and creativity.
    • Work for a long time on the computer.
    • Can easily collaborate with others.
    • Can deal with complicated issues such as balancing contents with advertisement them.

6: Brochure Design:

Brand Identity Brochure Design

The brochure is simply great to produce good revenue for your company, it is cost-effective with easy distribution just by putting these key point in your mind.

Introduce new services and product to the world, Relay on the core idea, good explanation of your company existing product or services and much more.

Stages Of Brand Identity:

The key factors of brand identity design are different for every competitor.

  1. Research your competitors, analysis them and review on them.
  2. Develop a strategic brand.
  3. Target your brand design
  4. Communicating consistently about your brand on every media.
  5. Having reviews on your performance by feedback’s of your customers, and maintaining them.

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