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What Is ASO

What is ASO? We are living in an era of technology, where every home is equipped with new modern technologies that are used in their daily chores. Even an electronic device such as a tablet, iPods, mobile phones, laptops, etc is one of the main modern technologies.

Average uses of these devices are up to 2.8 hours per day and 90% of the work is done on the apps. Although it’s a huge business that elaborates it. As the consummation of apps increases the demand for new apps was at high rates. In these days you can easily access thousands of apps on just one topic.

It is good for the user’s perspective but not good for the creator of those apps. The app creator can’t ignore ASO which is essential for them to grow. Let’s learn what is ASO?

What Is ASO?

ASO is an abbreviation of App Store Optimization. And it is also known as Play Store ASO, App Store SEO, App Store ASO, and App Search Optimization. It works on increasing the organic visibility on an app at the higher rank on Play Store and also give a boost to step-up in downloads.

It is much similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which works for the websites and ASO works for Mobile apps. Basically, both do the optimization for the given tasks.

This function of ASO works on improving and optimizing the mobile apps according to the devices like Windows Store are used for Windows phone, App Store is used for iOS. Google Play Store is used for Android users, and Blackberry World is for BlackBerry users.

Moving more specifically toward the optimization process, it ranks up to the app by keyword searching and drives the app to the top charts which increase the number of downloads. The basic key is to ensure visibility as much as possible, it is as simple as that.

Why Is ASO Important For An App?

We have learned what optimization is but now it is time to find out why it is important to use? It is a fact of the matter that creating apps is a huge business itself. But it is also a fact that users spend most of their time searching happily for these apps.

50% of users search for these apps on a daily basis or in some ways once a week. According to the reach studies that have proven that 60% of apps are observed by the search from App stores.

If still you are not convinced then this research will change your mind of sure, 83% of iOS apps are considered as Zombie Apps which are completely invisible. Zombie Apps are those apps which do not even appear at the search page for at least 2 to 3 days, it comes after 300 lists on Apps store. I’m sure any investor would not want to be in these invisible apps. So every app creator has to do some additional work on ASO as well. 

What Is The Major Difference Between ASO And SEO?

ASO generally introduce as App Store SEO. One and the other processes are similar to each other like both have back linking, keyword optimization and conversion optimization. A ranking factor is one of the major differences between ASO and SEO.

On top of everything, ASO promotes Mobile applications considering that SEO works for websites. If you ask Google about the difference, it will acknowledge more than 200 conditions and can provide a bulk up the list.

Ranking factor list in ASO is shorter, even some people are still wondering which factor plays a more important role.

How Does App Store Optimization Work?

It is necessary to understand the basic rights of ASO. Once the app is created and you get similar to this market of apps then it’s time to make a decision that where are you going to launch your app? In Google play store or in Apple store or want to start from both of them, it is totally up to you.

How Mobile Apps Are Found And Downloaded?

People prefer searching for their favorite apps on leading app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store which also known as iTunes. A research study says that 47% of iOS apps are search on the app store and 53% are generated by Google Play Store. That means most of all apps are discovered by search on apps stores.

Now next thing in getting numerous downloads. Searching apps is not enough, it should have a high rate of downloading as well. Ranking position is directly linked by the number of downloads, as the app gets high ranks on the app store, the relevant users start acknowledging it and download it too.

Once you get a sufficient ranking of download at your app, users will be satisfied and will prefer your app with scrolling for more search. Without ASO you must be missing a larger portion of the marketing channel for your games or apps.

So, spending time to learn ASO will give you long-term benefits as a result. Want to know more advantages of ASO, than keep reading the article.

What Are The Advantages Of ASO?

Many users search their apps on app stores, so you need to optimize your app on the app store. However some people argue on this point, they say these optimizations are only for mobile app and game.

These points will clear the doubt of those people who think so. Today in this article you will learn how to get advantage from ASO, let’s get started:

  •         Helps In Improving The Visibilities In App Stores:

In spite of everything, how hard you worked on the quality of your app and game is necessary but not founding the app on Play store, makes it useless. So focusing on optimizing is extremely infinite. Don’t stay unseen, just start optimizing today.

  •         Get Discovered By Relevant Users Also:

After founding yourself on the app store, you have to work on the right users. Approaching your aimed user is also one of the most important factors. ASO also help you in this process.

  •         Increases Organic Downloads Of The App:

A prime ASO method gives your apps, the best way of getting a boost in your organic installs as well as establish long-term results. Regular monitoring ensures the efforts are done in the way or not.

  •         Increase The Conversion Rates And Revenues:

In-app purchases, ads or any other similar way to catch the users is a small part of the medal. If the user is coming to the accident and not taking interest in downloading your app then ASO is a much better option than this.

  •         Cut Acquisition Costs:

You can easily lower the cost rate of your acquisition by concentrating on the organic growth with the help of ASO neither then spending your money on ads. It saves your amount as well as gives speed to the growth.

  •         Grow The User Base All Over The World:

Using different language option in your app can help you gain the user from all over the world. ASO will help your app to grow faster.

Some Tips Of App Store Optimization:

Some tips will help you to optimize your App Store and rank high in search as well as downloads, so let’s jump in it:

  •         Knowing Your Free Keywords:

App Store provides some of the keywords automatically on its own that included in your keywords, those keywords are known as free keywords. Many people have the misconception that the category of your app is among them.

For example: if your app is in the “Puzzle Game” category that means “Puzzle” and “Game” are automatically consider as your keyword by App Store.

  •         Find Your Niche:

Rather using in demand or single keywords, use longer names which are more than 3 words. Fewer words get hard time to rank up in-app store.

If you are willing to rank a workout app, so using “30 days challenge fitness workouts” will be better than just using “workouts”. While these titles are called niche of your app. After started getting high ranks, you can easily maintain your way to the top.


App Store Optimization (ASO) is not that type of work that is done just once. It takes time, you can even feel like it is not going to finish, not under any condition.

This is as similar to shoveling up the snow in heavy snowfall that will never end. Therefore, the remarkable path toward optimization is pathless.

It works on continuously testing and experimenting with your keywords to ensure the ranking and driving huge amounts of traffic to your page, basically it about trials and errors. But ASO is not just a single time job, one should keep tracking on it and maintain its rank.

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