Client Requirement


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General Information

1 Do you currently have a website?

If Yes, please mention the URL:

3 What industry do you operate in?

4 What do you provide to your customers? Please tick the most appropriate option

5 Who is your Target Audience? Please tick the most appropriate option.

Design & Content

1 Do you have any kind of branding material / identity? (For e.g. A Brochure that you are currently using) Could you provide us with a soft copy of this, if possible?

2 Please list down some sites that you find appealing in terms of the design and layout. Please note these websites may not necessarily be from your industry. Also, if you could highlight the components of these web pages which you relate to the most.

3 Also, if you could list some sites of your competition. This would give us an indication of how you would need to display your products or services.

4 What are the predominant colour(s) you would want on your website?

5 If you already have a website and want to re-design your site, what are the things you dislike about your current site in terms of the look, feel & design?

6 What would you want your website 'look and feel' to be? (Select multiple options if you wish to)

7What all services do you require in relvance with the project?

8 What is your budget allocation for this project?


Please use the space below to jot down any other inputs that you may want to share with us and were not able to cover in the questions above?