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E-Commerce Portal

Website Based On WordPress:

Ecommerce Portal, Digitalopment presents websites that are based on WordPress. The sites established on WordPress are cost-effective, has more features, good for small business, creates an e-commerce website.

Depending on the client’s needs, it offers different cost range that starts from $100 to $500 up to $3000, and as high as $30,000 or more.

The client must be fully aware of what types of websites to build or what the purpose of it is because it will change the actual cost of making a website. In any case, if the client is not sure on a certain point or having trouble in taking a decision.

Don’t get worried just make an appointment with our consultancy development. They will guide you in the right way to avoid a financial disaster and help you to make the perfect decision for your business.

WordPress is divided into 4 categories. The real cost of the website will be determined after setting all these 4 categories. They are as follows:


Web hosting is used to store your files, every website that exists on the internet needs hosting. This is a home place for your website on the internet.

There are various types of hosting plans accessible for a different type of website the client has to choose the best for himself that suits his requirement and budgets.

      Domain Name:

The domain name will be the address of your website on the internet. The user will search your website by typing your domain name on the browsers.


There are lots of free website templates applicable or the client may have a custom made template but this can raise the budget.

      Plug-in and Extensions:

There are 54,000+ plug-ins. Different apps and extensions are also available for websites. Other features like gallery, contact form, etc.

E-Commerce Portals:

E-Commerce Portals are the platforms that control online communication and execution with your suppliers and customers directly.

It simplifies the operation connection immediately. An integrated portal solution helps the business or an organization to share the interface of their business all over the world through business communities.

These portals are the best choice for business, who works with buyers and sellers daily. Especially, manufacturers can get advantages by ordering and tracking their goods on portal solutions.

Digitalopment provides services to its clients on all types of portals. These Ecommerce Portals are divided into 3 types, they are as follows:


WooCommerce is a platform for small business or entrepreneurs. It is an open-source customizable and works worldwide.

The scope of traditional eCommerce solutions drives you beyond the imagination. Some advantages of Ecommerce Portal – WooCommerce is as follows:

  1. It is made on WordPress, the software which is used on 26% of the internet. Sucuri used to audit this website regularly. It is presented by trusted hands.

  2. It has logical organizers that manage the content with the system. All your needs are in one spot.

  3. It allows you to work with your personal choice of plug-ins. You can easily control and enjoy the features that you liked.

  4. It helps to sell almost everything. From digital downloads to subscriptions, content to appointments or even physical products.

  5. It adjusts and personalizes approximately everything. There are no limits of adding product, users or even the orders.

  6. It covers just about every store and developer world widely from Norway to Japan and Canada to South Africa.


Magento is a platform of open source technology. It maintains online merchants including adjustable shopping cart system. Controls their online stores and manage other functionalities and content.

It allows Search Engine Optimization, Catalog-Management, and Impressive marketing tools. It also provides various themes and plug-ins that increase the experiences of users. Some of the advantages of E-commerce Portal – Magento is as follows:

  1. It efficiently adds plug-ins and other layouts with easy installation.

  2. Even it is an open-source technology. It presents extensible eCommerce Solutions in a flexible way.

  3. And it is cost-effective and dedicated program.

  4. It allows numerous discount and promotional offers in the time of Check-out.

  5. It gives further 50 payments of gateways.

Ecommerce Portal – Custom Development:

Custom Development is a platform where we provide a custom solution. It customizes the facilities of various products that are purchased by the customers.

It organized the relevant categories and subcategories of a different product to make it easier for the user to choose the options. This process can even get short by entering the appropriate keywords.

By custom development, user can go through the product list and filter it as they needed. Some of the advantages of Ecommerce Portal – Custom Development are as follows:

  1. It allows the customers to sign up with their existing social media accounts. Accounts like facebook and Google plug-in can easily use to sign-up the shopping site.

  2. It provides a well-organized list of products. Customers can easily select the product they want to buy by choosing the right categories or subcategories. Entering the reserved keyword can make it work more quickly.

  3. It has options for reviews and ratings. These options give opportunities to the customer to look at the reviews of a particular product before buying it. Even the rates determine the quality of the product.

  4. It allows the customer to track their parcels, once they placed an order.

  5. It provides an integrated payment gateway. By using this gateway the customer can pay their payments easily without any trouble.

  6. It also has a favorites feature. In this feature, the visitor can suggest their favorite items to the website. They can find those items on their next visit.
Call To Action:

Digitalopment provides all these services of Ecommerce Portal as well as many other services related to Digital World.

Our company helps other organizations and even notable agencies who own their clients. If you need a consultation on any aspect related to E-Commerce Trading, you can schedule an appointment.

For further information contact: Phone: +92-336-3507233, Website: https://digitalopment.com/ , Email us on info@digitalopment.com .




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