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E-commerce is a multiplex term referring to the process of selling and buying products and services over the Internet or other electronic systems. Considered as the sales aspect of the e-business, electronic commerce has regime trade as a routine activity for the contemporary man by bringing the marketplace to your home or the office, thus saving your time and efforts.

Top E-Commerce Companies in Pakistan


Yayvo is probably the newest entrant among all the players in the list. It comes in at sixth but has shown rapid improvement in recent times.


HomeShopping has been in the race for very long, however, it only comes in a distant third in the rankings with 886,670 views per month


Symbios has been in the e-commerce industry for a lot of years now.


The flooring professionals at Construction offering laminate flooring and timber flooring.


Shophive is one of the oldest e-commerce stores in the country. At fifth, it comes in relatively low in the rankings.

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