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Data entry was introduced when the computer comes into our lives. As time passes, the outsourcing companies started growing the demand for clerical work increased.

Gig economy raises, data entry which is also called keylogging got renewal and acceptance. But before getting in the depth was data entry, let’s clear the concept about it.

If a person is working casually, Although he will not get handsome pay and even the salary will not increase on regular bases. It is the same as data mining. It is not about the data which is in the form of any complaints to a site. While data entry is not at all that complicated.

Data Entry is a term which lists the occupations. Even people working on electronic data processors, word processors, coders, typists, transcribers, and clerks can do data entry. But these jobs can easily do from almost anywhere. Because home-based jobs for data entry is incomparable from any office job.

The training process for this job is not so strict. But this job is free from any type of obstacles or confines, it’s a simple job. But a person who can write English has typing skills, owns a high school diploma, as well as can read English can apply for this job.

Data Entry Job At Home:

Many companies often give data entry work offsite. Even though the remote worker can easily perform and manage is to do in a better way. So thank the advance technology which has made our lives much easier.

However, the pay scale for the workers, working from home is much lesser than the one who works from the office. However, homeworkers are also improbable to get bonuses, as well as merit increments, other perks or benefits as compared to a common office setting. 

Database Management System (DBMS):

A database management system (DBMS) is a system that deals with the software package. Because it created to manipulate, define, restore and even manage the data that are in the database.

This system mostly manages data formats, record structure, field names, and file structures. Although, describing the rules used to manipulate the data are also done by it. While a DBMS uses fourth generation query languages like SQL in its package. Here are some of the examples:


  •         SQL Server
  •         Oracle
  •         dBASE
  •         MySQL
  •         FoxPro

A Database Administrator (DBA) instructs the DBMS, and it performs the changes accordingly. But these commands include retrieving, modifying, and loading the data from the system if required.

Data has its independence. Therefore any formation or change in storage mechanism can be done without having a change in the full application. Even the Database organization divided into 4 types, they are as follows:

  •               Flat Database:

This type of database organized the data in a single form of record along with a certain set of fields. That is the reason behind its repetitive nature of encountering more errors in the data.

  •            Hierarchical Database:

It organizes ranked relationships. It turns into a complex network when one or more relationship is opposed. 

  •            Relational Database:

Here the data organized in a logical table that is itself independent. The relations between these tables are shown in shared data.
Tables mention same data to another tablet that maintains the purity of links. This feature is introduced as Referential integrity, an influential concept in the database system.

  •             Object-Oriented Database:

The data for this database organized on object-oriented programming concepts. A classes group objects having the same data and methods that an object includes.


In 2010 a foreign exchange company known as Moneycorp, which was based on the UK, decided to expand their customer base. Moneycorp determined it is relying too much on specific customers.

Although, the customer made up 70 % annual revenue of the company. So, this company wants to increase the number of corporate clients because most of them involved in exchanging foreign currency as deals with international corporations. They avoided the process of developing a senior sales team as it is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Telemarketing is one of the marketing strategies which deals with their customers on the telephone. But Web-based video conferencing recently introduced in their marketing plans.

It is also considered as the most disruptive strategies of marketing because many companies use unethical and irritating methods in their campaigns. While Robo-Calling is among the most negatively-anticipated form of telemarketing.

For instance, it is a pre-recorded message practice that automatically dials machine and contacts millions of people daily. So, in the same way, there are some more unpopular methods used for telemarketing.

This is the main reasons government regulations are applied to telemarketing in many countries of the world. However, it also includes many ethical and highly effective method of marketing.  

Direct Marketing Association Survey revealed that the thinking associated with telemarketing by 1.78 million peoples are:

  •               20% are unconcern to any reporting suspects, they believe telemarketing is fraud and embarrassment.
  •               92% petition claims to receive double-dealing through telemarketing.
  •               98% claims telemarketing is the way to “irritation”




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